Switching To Linux

2009-10-01 10:14 - Linux

In the past, I've given serious efforts to running both Linux and Mac on the desktop. I've never found enough that I liked to stick with either one. Sure Windows has its problems, but Linux and Mac have rough edges as well. I spend so much of my time running open source software that works on all three platforms anyway, or in an SSH terminal, that it doesn't matter too much what the platform is. But here at Google, I have a Linux workstation, and it wouldn't be terribly practical to do it any other way. Plus, like I said, it doesn't really matter. I'm still mostly using Firefox and Pidgin and the same Linux CLI programs. But there are plenty of frustrations to have along the way.

I started filling up a text file with my gripes. I've just created this Linux topic to record some of the problems I've had — and more importantly, the solutions. Hopefully, at least, if I solve my annoying problems, someone else alter on might hit my page from a search, and feel less pain.


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