Binary Package "smcroute" For Old OpenWrt Router (MIPS)

2016-06-21 21:54 - Linux

I've been tweaking the setup of my home network recently, related to the building of my WiFi enabled temperature sensors. Two options for letting them exist in a self-sustaining way are mDNS and SSDP. I think I have mDNS working but I also wanted to try SSDP. After much looking I found that smcroute ("a command line tool to manipulate the multicast routes in the UNIX kernel") seemed to be what I needed.

But I'm running a quite old version of (a variant, actually, of) OpenWRT. I couldn't find a binary package that worked, so I built my own. I had to try several times before I got it to work. It was actually a linking error; the default instructions build much newer, incompatible, things than what I can use. But being a tiny embedded style system, when I built a "bad" binary and ran it, I'd only get "-ash: ./usr/sbin/smcroute: not found" even though the file was definitely there. Its dynamic library is what was missing!

On the off chance that somebody on the interwebs will find it useful, here's smcroute_2.0.0-1_ar71xx.ipk built for MIPS (Atheros AR71xx) and uClibc.


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